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Thorndike was keen to sweep away all such theoretical frills, and took up a fiercely combative position against the anecdote school of Romanes and his North American counterparts such as Wesley Mills (there is a remarkably vituperative exchange between Mills and Thorndike in the Psychological Review of 1899).Thorndikes Ph D thesis was published in 1898, under the title of Animal Intelligence, and is notable for its innovations in experimental technique.Materialism is the theory that mental phenomena are physically determined, and more particularly that the mechanisms of the mind are identical to those of the brain. (eds.), Classical Conditioning II: current research and theory. Strongly associationist theories of human perception and cognition were developed by the 18th philosophers Hume and Berkeley, and in the first half of this century the associationism within the theories of behaviourists such as Watson (1913) and Hull (1943) was widely influential before being generally abandoned.

Thorndikes tone throughout is that of a man who is going to remedy this omission.

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In the English language, singular and plural are the only grammatical numbers.

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