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Play | Download: Audio Islam in World Politics: Against the Conventional Wisdom Recorded on: 8 August 2017 Speaker(s): John Sidel Today’s on-going conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere and recurring terrorist incidents have helped to reproduce and...

Play | Download: Audio New Developments in the Economics of Crime Recorded on: 25 July 2017 Speaker(s): Stephen Machin The lecture will present evidence on the determinants of criminality, with a focus on how economic incentives matter...

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Older public event podcasts and videos In addition to the podcasts listed here a catalogue of more than six hundred public event podcasts and videos dating from 1990 to 2006 can be found in the LSE Digital Library.

Other Useful Guides: Delivering an effective presentation, Using visual aids.

An effective presentation makes the best use of the relationship between the presenter and the audience.

Your choice of music production software also has a bearing on the range of hardware and other software tools you will be able to integrate into your production workflow, and which of these you might want to invest in to cover any bases not immediately addressed by the DAWs own features or bundled plugins. One thing’s for sure: it can be difficult for beginners or anyone with limited time or experience to find objective information on the subject.

Even for experienced users, it’s impossible to stay up-to-date on every DAW development and point release.

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Whether you’re consolidating a direct-attached storage (DAS) infrastructure, migrating data from an existing SAN or NAS system, streamlining data protection processes, or simply adding storage capacity, the Dell Equal Logic PS4100 series offers a solution.

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